Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let Go Obamania!

Imagine a Hollywood venture-full of action, thrill, drama, emotions and all the ingredients for a perfect flick. The world is facing an imminent danger, even the last edifice of human civilization would be wiped out and suddenly amidst all the chaos, appears the superhero, flying all by himself; his machismo dripping through his draped costume; his face half-masked. Now you know that the earth would be saved, no matter what, we are all safe!

Curtains down, scene 2- the world is endangered again-global economic turmoil- Taliban still operating in Afghanistan-Indian subcontinent on the brink of war-Israelis and Palestinians confronting on an ever larger scale-Incessant global climate change-Poverty, hunger, pandemics- and then all eyes agape at the horizon- where is our super hero?

Then from your own backyard, a bleak voice, shrilled enough to be heard, pronounces the grand entry of the superhero down the aisle with a change, there he is- Barack Obama. (In the background comes cheers, applauds and a few wipe tears of their cheeks) All lights on him, everything else jettisoned in oblivion. It is the biggest change of the century as reported in all the sections of media. The change had arrived, the world slept peacefully, and no nightmares reported anywhere.

The next scene dawns, and it appears that nothing has changed, statistics point that nothing would change in near future. Our superhero generates superfluous statements but to no avail. What is going wrong? Why our messiah of peace and justice not been able to deliver what we wanted him to accomplish? Here are the answers:

  • He is not a superman; notwithstanding the capabilities and qualities chiseled out in human limitations, he is as human as anyone of us
  • For the world outside USA, he is just the US president, not a prophet. His first agenda is his own nation, not some India, Pakistan, Iraq or Palestine.
  • He doesn’t (cannot afford to) care about unemployment and economic downturn in any part of the world including best friend Britain before the Americans are well fed.
  • His plans for troop withdrawal from Iraq (after leaving a virtual anarchy there) and a surge in Afghanistan (having already killed thousands of innocents) are no better than the earlier actions of invading these countries. These plans just favor US, none else.
  • He cannot offer to give a damn to ‘climate change’ unless the Americans are at peace, America is flourishing and Americans have nothing to lose.

Now when the world acclaims, even after considering the above points that Obama is the change anyone would want in this world, I cannot conjure up a suitable answer. Never did I say that he is not competent, capable or well suited as the US president, but finally he is just the US president! Just like Reagans, Carters, Clintons and the Bushes-he is an American, he owes all he has to that nation. Now the world could obviously be better if the leader of the most powerful nation of the world is a good man, but everyone cannot depend upon him.

If Pakistani terrorists attack Indians, Obama wont help, Indo-Pak have always been fighting- If Chinese economy goes berserk, Obama wont mind, Chinese deserve this- If there are bomb blasts in Kabul or Baghdad, Obama cant help it, its their own internal security problem- If US airplanes kill innocent civilians in Pakistan, now Obama didn’t do it, any army can make a mistake- If there are millions in Africa hungry, how can Obama give all the aid, US automakers need bailout.

Its time the leaders of other nations of the world realize their own potentials, chalk out their own strategy and do the needful for the citizens of their own countries. It would be more helpful rather than gaping patiently at the Obamarama. Lets move on and engage us in our own cobwebs and let go the Obamania.


Beanie said...

Hmm...Even I don't consider him as the greatest change. Someone had to be the next person. When Obama won, I was not very happy, not sad either, it didn't make a difference to me. Well, it might make a difference if someday, he sends me some dollars, but till then, I am not at all excited. And, also, I thought the weirdest thing happening those days, was the Indian media going berserk over this piece of news. Whether he is the greatest leader in the American history, or World history , only time will tell, and I am ready to wait. I am not rejoicing already.

Vishal Jain said...

Nice write up dude... But i am not totally agree with you. Change does not come in a blink of eye. It takes time. And along with that every human being first check his own condition before helping other. Obama is no more different. But the strategy of a individual to tackle a situation varied and that variation shows the individual's stamina to fight. So let us give the chance to new elected US president and let him bring the "CHANGE".

I am not saying we should rely on others to resolve our disputes, to feed us, to guide us. We need the leaders who can talk and work, yes we need them, we want them to work on disputes, we want them to secure us against terror, but with that we can not forget the fact that to enlarge us we need others also. So next president might bring better for india... Lets hope for gud...